LEGO. You wouldn’t think it would have much of an influence to a young writer. However, that’s exactly what inspired me to write my very first story at the tender age of 12. My brother and sister (then just 3 and 6 respectively) were sitting on the living room floor, playing with a huge pile of LEGO in front of them. I’d looked up at their creation and seen a rather strange looking house staring straight back at me. It was here that I had an idea for a rather silly story about a pair of twins time-travelling to the future.

Of course, my thirst for writing didn’t stop there. By the time I’d reached high school, I’d written a few more short stories which have now been lost to the ages. Oddly enough, much of my writing was centred around time-travelling. One story I remember was about a young girl who was accidentally whisked back to the Middle Ages and had to find her way back.

When I left high school, I had more ideas flowing through my head than I could put to paper. By the 2000s, I decided to write one of those ideas down which ended up being a three-part novel set in the near future.

I have been writing creatively since 1990 and have spent the last decade specialising in screenplays and audio plays. In 2008, my passion for sound design blossomed when I was at university, studying for my Media Arts degree. The development was quite accidental as I had originally wanted to focus on film and TV production. However, one of the courses on offer was Sound Art which I, surprisingly, excelled at. There, I specialised in sound design and have since created several audio projects from scratch - including writing them.